Solar Performance Calculator




    1. Enter your Solar System size as a whole number (i.e. – 5.5 for 5.5KW)
    2. Select the current month of the year
    3. Enter your system E-Today reading. This information can be found on your inverter and will show the amount of power your solar system has generated for the day. Please note : It is best to get this reading toward at the end of the day to get a proper indication of what your system has generated, and please keep in mind that certain factors such as dirty panels, overcast weather etc can have a significant impact on daily performance.
    4.  You will then be given a system performance % for the day. If your solar system performance is sitting somewhere between 85 – 100% and you still think there are issues, please take E-Today readings from your inverter each day for the next week, then contact one of energy consultants to discuss further troubleshooting. If your solar system is performing well under 85%, and you have had a look at our troubleshooting for further information but still not sure, then please contact us directly today to speak with one of our experts further.


Please have a look at our troubleshooting guide here, or alternatively contact us directly and one of our friendly energy experts will be able to help you with your enquiry.

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