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Swimming Pool Heating

Harness the power of the sun with Solar Pool Heating

The Cool or Cosy solar pool heating system is perfect for pool owners looking for a heating system that has minimal operating cost and which extends the number of months you can swim for. Swimming pools are a great source of entertainment; unfortunately most pools are used for less than three months of the year because they are too cold. Solar heating is the environmentally friendly and natural way to heat your pool.

Increase the use of your pool by up to six months using the free energy of the sun.

Using a heat pump for pool heating is an energy and cost effective way of heating a pool. Our system utilises a digital controller, which sends water through the pump if the pool is not already at the desired temperature.

Why use the Cool or Cosy solar pool heating system?

Swim longer – The solar pool heating system will increase the value you get from your swimming pool by doubling the number of days it can be used.

Conserve energy – Swimming pools can consume high amounts of energy, choosing solar heating systems is ecologically responsible as it produces zero greenhouse emissions and has the smallest impact on our environment, whilst reducing household energy costs.

Low Maintenance – Cool or Cosy’s solar pool heating system has a proven track record and it is an Australian made product which guarantees reliability and realistic prices on spare parts.

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How does a heat pump work ?

A heat pump is like a reverse refrigerator or air conditioner. It transfers the heat in the air outside of the unit to the water stored inside the heater through a heat exchange system.

Heat pumps are an ideal replacement option for an electric or gas water heaters as they will often use existing plumbing; or as an alternative to solar where shaded north facing or limited roof space is a problem as they don’t require the installation of roof mounted solar collectors.

Heat pump pool heating provides consistent warmth to the pool during the summer months, and significantly extends the swimming season into the Spring and Autumn.

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