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Solar Power Systems are collectively saving Australian businesses millions of dollars on their energy bills by giving them the opportunity to generate their own electricity that is also environmentally friendly.

The Commercial Energy Solutions team at Cool or Cosy will ensure you have the best solar system for your business, maximising your potential energy generation and the money you could be saving.

Make the most of all government subsidies including Building Upgrade Finance, STCs and LGCs.

System design, finance and installation

With our in-house expertise in energy solutions, system design, finance and installation, we’ve delivered many small and large commercial projects across South Australia. This turn-key approach reduces hassles for businesses and delivers certainty in the long-term.

Business Solar Installations

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Save on your operating costs with a high quality Solar system for your business

We meet our customers’ desire for the greatest possible reliability, long-term performance and aesthetic integration of their solar systems. When installing our Solar System at your business we use only top brands which means you will:

tick  Dramatically reduce your energy costs;

tick  Have peace of mind with our performance guarantees;

tick  Dependability – we are proudly South Australian owned and operated and are an approved Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer;

tick  Flexibility and choices in both your installation and financing;

tick  Have the potential to generate credits from your power provider.

Business Solar

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