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    Smart Solar and Energy Monitoring – Solar Analytics

    Smart monitoring isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s essential. Solar monitoring allows you to connect with your rooftop solar so that you can access all your solar information on your PC, laptop, phone or tablet.

    Know you’re getting value

    With Solar Analytics monitoring you can see in real-time exactly how much energy you’re generating. Solar Analytics smart monitoring gives you peace of mind knowing the system is performing as promised, letting you compare expected with actual generation.

    Clever technology

    Using patented algorithms combined with weather data, our smart monitoring calculates the expected generation. It also runs diagnostic checks, monitoring your system for any problems that could go unnoticed.

    Understand patterns over days, weeks and months

    With ready insights into your generation and usage patterns over longer periods, you can adapt your home activities to become even more energy efficient as the seasons change.

    Track all of your savings today with smart monitoring

    Solar Battery Storage

    Batteries are a significant investment, so you will want to get the right size for your household’s needs. Smart Monitoring will help you understand what size solar storage is right for you, and when it makes most sense to install batteries.

    Firstly, you’ll need to know how much energy you use in your home. Solar Analytics Smart Monitoring collects your energy usage data in 30-second intervals so you can see exactly how much energy you consume and when you use it during the day.

    On top of this detailed information, you can use the Solar Analytics Monitoring battery calculator in your dashboard for an accurate assessment.

    Be smarter with your energy use

    Smart Monitoring also shows your home’s real-time energy use, plus energy imported from and exported to the grid. This makes it easy to identify high use appliances and adapt your use to get every dollar of value.

    Now you will be able to set your energy-hungry appliances to run exactly when your solar is generating the most electricity. It’s the best way to reduce your grid usage and make the most of your own solar.

    Smart Solar Monitoring

    Track solar system performance with smart monitoring

    We stand by our solar products 100% and, as part of our commitment, we promote the use of a Smart Monitoring device.

    • TOTAL transparency of the system’s performance
    • Independently monitored by Solar Analytics (not a Cool or Cosy company)
    • Compares the performance of over 10,000 solar systems throughout Australia
    • Matched to your local weather data and the angle and direction of your panels
    • Solar Analytics will send you (and us) an ALERT if they believe the system is not performing to its optimum
    • It’s also a great check to ensure we have specified a system tailored to your needs
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