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Solar Analytics - Connecting With Your Solar

Increase your solar performance and save money with solar monitoring

Solar monitoring isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s essential. Solar monitoring allows you to connect with your rooftop solar so that you can access all your solar information on your PC, laptop, phone or tablet including:

How much solar you are generating in real-time

How much energy you are consuming in real-time

How your system is performing vs expected

When you system faults or underperforms

How much money you are saving by using solar

Now you will be able to set your energy-hungry appliances to run exactly when your solar is generating the most electricity. It’s the best way to reduce your grid usage, and make the most of your own solar.

Solar Battery Storage

Batteries are a significant investment, so you will want to get the right size for your household’s needs. Solar Analytics Monitoring will help you understand what size solar storage is right for you, and when it makes most sense to install batteries.

Firstly, you’ll need to know how much energy you use in your home. Solar Analytics Monitoring, collects your energy usage data in 30-second intervals so you can see exactly how much energy you consume and when you use it during the day.

On top of this detailed information, you can use the Solar Analytics Monitoring battery calculator in your dashboard for an accurate assessment.

Once you have batteries installed, use your Solar Analytics Monitoring to squeeze every last drop of power from your solar. When you see your battery charge plateau in your dashboard, you can then run other appliances to use your excess solar.

Watch this short video to see how solar monitoring can help you save money and improve your solar output


The Solar Smart Monitor connects easily to your solar power system through your meter board.
Whether you have an existing solar power system or are putting in brand new solar panels, installation of our device is a simple process for any licensed electrician.

Cool or Cosy will organise one of our specially trained installers to come to you, all included in the unit price.

It couldn’t be simpler!

Solar Monitoring Makes Sense !

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Learn More About Solar Analytics Monitoring

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We stand by our solar products 100% and, as part of our commitment, we promote the use of the Solar Analytics monitoring device.
• TOTAL transparency of the system’s performance
• Independently monitored by Solar
• Analytics (not a Cool or Cosy company)
• Compares the performance of over 10,000 solar systems throughout Australia
• Matched to your local weather data and the angle and direction of your panels
• Solar Analytics will send you (and us) an ALERT if they believe the system is not performing to its optimum
• It’s also a great check to ensure we have specified a system tailored to your needs
Do you know of any other solar company with the confidence to do that?

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