Solar Battery Storage

Say Goodbye to Expensive Power Bills with Solar Battery Storage

Take control of your own energy future with the sonnenBatterie Solar Battery Storage system.

Solar Battery Storage and sonnenFlat Helps You Achieve $0 Power Bills For Up To 10 Years.

Become independent from your energy retailer when you purchase an eligible Cool or Cosy solar system and sonnenBatterie in Adelaide. Sign up for sonnenFlat and receive a guaranteed amount of energy for $0 per month for up to 10 years (minimum sign up is for 24 months) *.

Get true peace of mind and escape the rising power costs by placing your energy future into your own hands.

Don’t miss the chance to do away with your electricity bill
Call us today on 8352 5588 for more information.

* sonnenFlat places are strictly limited – terms and conditions apply.

Store energy while the sun is shining and use it day or night – never worry about the lights going out.

The sonnenBatterie is a hi-tech solar battery storage system that has proven itself in thousands of households every day, outperforming other batteries in its class. Made in Germany, this durable, intelligent energy manager meets high standards of safety and quality.

Save money on power bills and declare energy independence

10 Year, 10,000 cycle warranty

Long lasting with a 20 Year design life expectation

Made in Germany

Intelligent management system optimises household usage during the day

Protect the environment with self-produced energy free from carbon emissions

High quality, durable components – a complete system ready for connection

Emergency power supply for outages and black outs

Harvest cheaper energy to use later – day and night, 24 hours per day

sonnen App performance tracker – monitor, analyse and control household supply and demand

sonnenFlat Tariff Plan

The ideal addition to your Cool or Cosy solar system and sonnenBatterie in Adelaide.

sonnenFlat is an energy tariff for sonnenBatterie owners. Your solar system and sonnenBatterie will cover a large portion of your energy consumption but not all. SonnenFlat provides a guaranteed amount of energy and in return some of the energy you store will be used to assist in stabilising the electricity grid. This ongoing contract allows you to opt out at any time with no exit fee.

Solar Battery Storage Makes Sense!

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Save on your power bills with the best solar and battery installer in Adelaide!

Register Your Interest for the SA Government Sonnen Battery Subsidy

Available for up to 40,000 homes only.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to break free from rising energy costs with the South Australian Government Sonnen Battery Rebate!

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For quality battery backup systems in Adelaide, get in touch with one of our representatives by calling 08 8352 5588 or by completing our online quote form to arrange a FREE No-Obligation FIXED-Price assessment and quotation.

sonnen solar battery storage

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