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Cool or Cosy has developed a quick and easy-to-use Solar Calculator

The Solar Calculator uses data from the Australian Solar Radiation Data Handbook to estimate how much energy a solar system will generate. It takes into consideration the temperature of the panels for the location selected along with the amount of sunshine available throughout the year. The Solar Calculator does make some assumptions such as the solar panels not being shaded and also having the azimuth and inclination angle optimised for the selected location. If these assumptions are not accurate for you, or you would prefer a more individualised analysis, please contact the Cool or Cosy team directly on 08 8352 5588.

The days of paying ridiculously high electricity bills are over

We’ll design you a residential solar system to maximise your self-consumption and eliminate those scary bills. But that doesn’t mean slapping a 10kW system on your roof and leaving you to wonder why your bills are still high.

Tell us when and how much energy you use

Understanding your energy patterns helps us to design the best size system and decide on the best location. If you use most of your energy in the late afternoon, having some panels facing west means you can enjoy free energy for longer. Or if you’re home all day, but want the savings to keep going at night, having a larger system and storing surplus energy in a battery makes sense.

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