New Tindo Solar Factory Construction

The new $6 million Tindo Solar factory is under construction with estimated completion by early 2021. This new facility will greatly increase our manufacturing capacity, bringing more Australian Made panels to Australians and increase exports of our proudly Australian product.

Weeks 21 - 24

At the beginning of week 21 the electrical installations went into the warehouse and the ground was prepped for the driveway pour. Over the next 3 weeks the driveway was poured, SAPN transformer was installed and continued to put up the walls for the manufacturing facility.

Weeks 17 - 20

So much has happened in 4 weeks with the new warehouse nearing completion. The driveway has started to be laid and the walls for the new manufacturing facility have started going up. Exciting times in Mawson Lakes!

Weeks 13 - 16

More storm water drainage was installed and preparation of the site for the next slab.

Weeks 9 - 12

Completed the footings for the factory and office. Plumbing and services went in. Week 12 saw the slab for the office poured.

Weeks 5 - 8

Digging and pouring of concrete for the footings and the installation of the storm water detention tank.

Weeks 1 - 4

Building of the new Tindo Solar factory has started with preparation of the land and levelling the ground.

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