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Environmentally Friendly Home Roof Insulation

Do you want to reduce your heating and cooling related expenses and greenhouse gas emissions with quality roof insulation?

For more than 30 years, Cool or Cosy has been providing South Australians with affordable and also high quality ceiling insulation and blow in insulation products. Our unique performance guarantee ensures that your roof insulation will be installed with NO GAPS, and in accordance with all relevant Australian installation standards.

An incorrectly installed R3.0 glass wool batt with only a small 2mm gap could reduce the batt’s performance by 50% to R1.5.

Cool or Cosy Performance Guaranteed roof insulation in Adelaide is installed without gaps and therefore:

     No gaps means no loss of performance;

     Installed by trained professionals;

     Includes a lifetime guarantee.

Our SUPACELL home insulation is manufactured in Adelaide according to strict guidelines. This therefore ensures our product adheres to the Australian Standard, as a result providing our clients with peace of mind and the highest quality possible.

What’s great about the Cool or Cosy thermal and acoustic ceiling insulation?

     Allergy free

     Fire resistant

     Vermin resistant

     Fungal resistant

     Environmentally friendly

     Cost effective

     Lifetime guarantee

How do you know if your roof insulation is working? You don’t… and as a result it could be affecting your personal comfort and costing you money every day.

Cool or Cosy is well established throughout Australia and Asia and so is by far the largest manufacturer and supplier of Cellulose Blow In Insulation in Australia, with over 45 000 clients in South Australia alone. We can undertake any type of roof insulation work from a small domestic extension to large commercial projects with our range of thermal and acoustic insulation products. Want to see how we make SUPACELL Insulation? Click here to see how we make our cellulose insulation.

Due to the performance and safety of Cool or Cosy SUPACELL Blow In Insulation, it has been installed in such iconic Australian projects such as The Sydney Olympic Stadium and FOX Studios.

Insulation Makes Sense !

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We supply quality lifetime guaranteed ceiling and acoustic insulation.

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Every ceiling and house is different, and therefore at Cool or Cosy we don’t believe in ‘Guess-Work’. We will on every occasion come to your home to accurately assess and provide an ‘On-the-spot’ FIXED-Price quotation to avoid any nasty surprises.

We supply and install quality lifetime guaranteed ceiling and acoustic insulation with NO HIDDEN SURPRISES.

Contact us now on 08 8352 5588 or complete our online enquiry form to arrange a FREE No-Obligation FIXED-Price quotation.

Cool or Cosy SUPACELL roof insulation is a cellulose insulation.

What is Cellulose roof insulation?

Our ceiling insulation, made in Adelaide, is made from 85% recycled paper, as a result it is one of the most environmentally friendly insulation options on the market. The paper is pulverised into smaller fibres and treated with a boric fire and pest retardant.

How does cellulose insulation work?

The blow in insulation is pumped into roof cavities consequently creating a layer of insulated cover. Therefore this ensures there will be no gaps in your insulation.

What are the benefits of cellulose insulation in your ceiling?

Cellulose has many benefits compared to Glass Wool Batts:


• Installed without gaps, and we guarantee it will perform as advertised;
• Cover your ceiling joists to increase thermal efficiency, comfort and also save you money;
• Use the same proven installation techniques as used in Europe and the USA.

Health and Safety

• Not known to cause adverse health effects in insulation installers;
• Includes a flame retardant.


• Internationally proven to have the lowest global and local environmental impacts during manufacture;
• Doesn’t contain formaldehyde.

Cool or Cosy manufactured cellulose insulation complies with the requirement of AS/NZS 4859.1 as specified by the Building Code of Australia.

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