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Roof Insulation Adelaide - Cellulose Insulation

Keep your home climate controlled all year round

Roof Insulation To Keep You Cool In Summer, Warm In Winter

Australian StandardHaving been the holders of an Australian Standards Licence for many years, Cool or Cosy cellulose insulation is made to the highest standards. Locally manufactured at our Torrensville facility, Cool or Cosy is proud to be the only manufacturer of roof insulation to the Australian Standards in South Australia.

For more than 30 years, Cool or Cosy Roof Insulation has been providing South Australians with affordable and also high quality ceiling insulation with blow-in cellulose insulation products. Our unique performance guarantee ensures that your roof cellulose insulation will be installed with NO GAPS, and in accordance with all relevant Australian installation standards.

An incorrectly installed R3.0 glass wool batt with only a small 2mm gap could reduce the batt’s performance by 50% to R1.5.

Cool or Cosy Performance Guaranteed roof insulation Adelaide is installed without gaps and therefore:

  • No gaps means no loss of performance;
  • Installed by trained professionals;
  • Includes a lifetime guarantee.
It starts with controlling heat transfer

Our roof cellulose insulation is incredibly effective at reducing heat transfer through ceilings. This helps your indoor temperatures stay constant and more comfortable all year round – and reduces your reliance on cooling and heating appliances.

It's Time To Get Some Climate Control With Quality Roof Insulation!

Our Supacell roof insulation stops heat transfer by up to 80% in summer and 50% in winter

tick  Insulation with a lifetime guarantee

Our Supacell blow-in insulation ensures there are absolutely no gaps to let heat in or out. With fibreglass batts, even a tiny 2mm gap can reduce the insulation’s efficiency by 50%. With Supacell, every crevice can be perfectly filled. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

tick  Better for you and the planet

Supacell cellulose insulation is fire, vermin and fungal resistant, allergy free, environmentally friendly and cost effective. It won’t encourage termites and – unlike fibreglass batts – there are no known health risks for installers

tick  Used in over 45,000 South Australian homes and businesses interstate

Our Supacell ceiling insulation is reliably performing across SA and the rest of the country. In fact, we’re Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of manufactured blow-in insulation.

Sydney Olympic Stadium and FOX Studios installed Supacell for its performance and safety.

Cellulose Insulation - Ceiling Insulation Adelaide

How we Manufacture Roof Insulation

The production process for a roof insulation manufacturer of cellulose thermal insulation starts with recycled newsprint, which is initially shredded into strips 5 cm long.

Next, it is mixed with boric acid to aid in fire-retardation and combat mould growth and fend off pests, wood decay and corrosion.

This process is followed by a high speed fiberisation process that reduces the size of the fibers to about 4mm long and mixed with more boric acid.

We then pack the insulation so that it is ready to be transported and installed.

How Cellulose Insulation Works in your Ceiling

Our cellulose insulation can be used in both existing homes and new construction. It is made from tiny pieces of paper, so it can effectively fit around obstacles like ceiling joists or recessed light fixtures. Having insulation that can be custom-fit means that it will perform better, effectively holding in heat during the winter and keeping out heat during the summer, improving your home’s thermal resistance.

Cellulose roof insulation is very good at fitting around items in your ceiling like ducts and electrical wiring, leaving virtually no air pockets that can reduce the overall efficiency of the ceiling insulation.

It provides a much better performance value than fibreglass insulation, especially when it comes to reducing your electricity bills. Air tightness levels can be increased by as much as 30% by choosing cellulose over its counterpart.

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