here are four ways of how to use your solar energy to save money

Save more with a quality solar energy system

One of the biggest utilities you pay for every month is your energy bill. Although you may try various methods to reduce your energy bill, it’s hard to do so considering that you probably need to use plenty of energy throughout the day. However, one of the most effective ways to save more on your energy bills is by using solar energy.

Solar energy is gaining in popularity, more and more households are installing solar panels and using solar produced energy in their homes. If you are thinking about opting for a solar solution, here are four ways of how to use your solar energy to save money:

1.  Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Thanks to modern technology, you now have easy access to more energy-saving appliances. If it’s time to replace an old appliance and you’re thinking of getting a new one, then opt for the most energy-saving option. Fortunately, you will find that most appliances available today have these energy saving features—from fridges and HVAC units to light bulbs.

Choosing energy-saving appliances will help you save more money in the long term, as they require less energy to run which is produced by your solar panels. You also get to conserve more energy, ensuring that there’s enough to power up your property for a longer period of time.

2.  Switch Off Appliances That Are Not In Use

Not everyone switches off unused appliances or removes them from the outlet. When leaving the house, make sure that all electrical appliances are turned off––except for the fridge––and unplug appliances that are not in use.

Did you know that when appliances are plugged in but are not in use, they’re not truly “turned off”? Instead, they’re merely in a “sleep mode,” meaning they are still consuming a considerable amount of energy.

3.  Use One Appliance At A Time

Although this is not an easy habit to cultivate, especially when there are many people living in a house, it’s still important to practice it. Using one appliance at a time may not seem efficient, but it has a significant impact on your solar system’s energy. An effective way to help you with this, is to use a timer for some of your appliances.

For example, set a timer on your dishwasher to run at 11 am and then for your washing machine to run at noon once the dishwasher has finished it’s cycle. These small steps can help you save more money through the use of your solar energy produced by the solar panels, and thereby having more energy available to use.

4.  Use Power During Sunlight Hours

Timing is one of the most crucial factors when using the solar energy produced by a solar energy system. Shifting your energy consumption to mid-day will help you save money, because it is during the daytime that your solar system is producing the most energy for usage. This is also why it’s perfect to plan the use of your appliances while your system is generating its peak electricity. The more appliances you schedule to use during sunlight hours, the more benefit you will gain financially by using little or no power from the grid.  In so doing, you will also be reducing your carbon footprint through offsetting your emissions.


It is therefore correct to say that you can still save lots of money through the use of solar energy and thereby significantly reduce your monthly utility bills. However, to enjoy the maximum benefit of solar energy produced by installing solar panels at home and to reduce your electricity bills, a conscious change in how and when you consume electricity will need to be activated. For this reason, going solar is a big commitment, and although it offers many benefits, you need to be truly ready for the changes if you want it to work for you.

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