which solar panels work best in shade

Do you think your roof is too shady to have solar?  There is a solution for you.  Shading on your solar panels is often inevitable and we take a look at which solar panels work best in shade.  With the advancement of solar panel technology, there are options available which allow solar panels to work in shadier conditions.  Shade may be created by trees, shadows from other buildings, chimneys, satellite dishes or different angles on a roof.  

Solar panels  

Solar panels are composed of cells wired in a series, connecting the cells and allowing the flow of electricity to travel through the panel.  If a cell on a panel is shaded, what happens is that the flow of electricity becomes blocked.  If a cell near the end of the series is shaded, the flow of electricity is worse than if a cell at the beginning of the series is shaded.  

Therefore, the power that the panel produces when shaded depends on where the shadow falls.  A cell where power is lost creates an electrical resistance and blocks the upstream flow of power coming from the other cells in the panel.  The panel could lose all its power generation.

Solar panel manufacturers try to avoid this problem by adding bypass diodes to the three wired strings of cells. One bypass diode is normally attached to each string of cells. The diodes allow the electricity to bypass and flow around and bypass the shaded cells.  Power is normally then lost from the string of cells where shading occurs and the panel may still produce some power.  

However, a highly shaded panel array can drop below the input voltage allowed by the inverter, causing the system to stop feeding power to the grid. If there isn’t enough shade on a panel to cause any of the diodes to activate, the entire panel system is limited to the reduced current that can flow through the shaded panel. This is where optimisers become necessary.

Solar panels with microinverters

Solar panels fitted with microinverters are best equipped to combat shade problems, because if one panel is shaded it is not going to have an impact on the rest of the panels. Microinverters work like Christmas lights, when one goes out the others still work.  When microinverters are fitted to each panel, every solar panel performs as if it were its own independent solar system and operates at maximum capacity regardless of the output of the other panels in the solar panel system.  When asking which solar panels work best in shade, the answer is that panels fitted with microinverters reduce shading related problems.  

Another advantage of having microinverters is that the DC power is converted to AC power at each panel, reducing the risk of fire by eliminating the need for a DC isolator on the roof. 

Shade evaluation

Any good solar panel installer will be able to evaluate the level of shading on your roof.  There are devices available which also determine the shading factor and output produced by a solar system.  

It is important for rain to run off solar panels, therefore it is recommended that panels be installed at an angle of at least 10 degrees.  If your roof is flat, a tilt frame may be necessary. 


People around the world are moving more and more towards using renewable energy.  Solar systems are a cost effective way of ‘going greener’ and reducing your carbon footprint.  Don’t be stumped by installing a solar system if you experience some shading on your roof.  

Call the experts for advice and the purchase of high quality panels with microinverters may just be the answer to your solar panel shading problems and the question of which solar panels work best in shade.  

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