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Supplier for Solar Savers Adelaide program using our South Australian manufactured solar panels

Cool or Cosy has invested heavily in South Australia, acquiring Tindo Solar to become the only South Australian company manufacturing high-quality solar panels designed specifically for the local market. Cool or Cosy embraces the opportunities presented by solar for both the company and for the community.

Cool or Cosy has helped many South Australians reduce their power bills and carbon footprint, with more than 11,500 residential and commercial systems installed. Within the City of Adelaide, Cool or Cosy has actively participated in the Solar Savers Adelaide program, working closely with the City of Adelaide to install solar systems incorporating locally manufactured Tindo panels on selected residences. Additionally, Cool or Cosy’s office has a 30kW system installed which has offset in excess of $85,000 in electricity costs. The Tindo site has a 100kW system which offsets about 50% of manufacturing costs. Both systems provide excellent examples to clients and show that Cool or Cosy has decoupled its business growth from carbon emissions.

‘At Cool or Cosy, we firmly believe in the goals of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide ambition. From the outset of our journey, we have worked tirelessly towards reducing South Australia’s carbon footprint by encouraging residents and business owners to embrace the benefits of insulation and solar – not only for themselves but also for the benefit of the community as a whole. Cool or Cosy has been promoting carbon neutral activities since our inception, well before the term ‘carbon reduction’ became relevant.’

Glenn Morelli – Managing Director, Cool or Cosy

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