5 mistakes to avoid when switching to solar power

Switching over to solar power or ‘’going green’’ is more and more popular, with many homeowners looking for the best ways to introduce sustainable systems in order to run their households. The latest innovations in smart devices have automated processes to ensure low energy usage with maximum battery life simultaneously.

Besides reinventing new ways to interact with appliances and household tasks, you can change your household’s energy source and make it more environmentally friendly by going green. The trending way to do this is by installing a solar power system for your home.

Avoid these mistakes before you buy a solar power system

Although the technology is accessible to most households, there are a few considerations to take into account before making a choice of which system will suit your requirements. Like any product, solar power systems will vary in brand and efficiency. For this reason, you need to be  vigilant as a consumer when choosing what to do with your alternative energy source.

If you’re planning to buy a solar power system, here are five mistakes you should avoid.

1. Buying cheap solar power systems

Although one of the reasons for buying a solar power system is to reduce your energy bills, that doesn’t mean you should opt for a cheaper package. The quality and performance may be compromised if purchasing a system that is cheap. The cheaper solar power systems may consist of low quality panels and inverters that won’t serve you as long as a more expensive system.

2. Choosing a company with no or a small warranty

Choosing a solar power system without a good warranty and customer service may be the least expensive option in the short term, but not be the best option in the long run.  Self installation of a system may end up endangering your home and yourself, be very careful of choosing this route of obtaining a solar power system. It is advisable to purchase a highly recommended, good solar power system with a 25 year warranty and receive assistance throughout your ownership of the products.

3. Not receiving a shade analysis

Keep in mind that solar power will only be effective if your panels receive enough sunlight. This may be problematic for single-story homes or residences surrounded by tall buildings or large trees. Solar panels work best when they receive sunlight throughout the day, regardless of the sun’s position. A proper shade analysis will give you a better idea of your panels’ adequate placement for producing the best solar power output.

4. Investing in too many panels

More solar panels does not always equal more power.  For this reason, a shade analysis is crucial. If you want to maximise your panels’ coverage, it may be better to invest in structural improvements instead of, or before, buying more panels. This would be the best and cheaper solution, instead of buying too many panels which you may not be able to accommodate.

5. Waiting for modern models in the market

As with all technology, solar powered energy is constantly being developed and improved upon to provide more energy efficiency for less investment.  This doesn’t mean you should wait for more effective solar breakthroughs, because unlike mobile phones, solar panel technology doesn’t progress as fast. There is no reason to wait for a ‘cheaper’ and more ‘energy efficient’ model instead of buying one as soon as possible, as every year you waste waiting for a new solar energy model is a year you’re missing out on saving on your electricity bills.


Technological developments help to make previously complex systems into more simplified and accessible solar systems. The demand for solar power systems has increased dramatically over the past few years, thereby making the product more accessible and affordable to many consumers. A solar power system is a welcomed addition to your home which may lower your utility bills while simultaneously raising your home’s future resale value.

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