is it worth installing solar

We are all looking at ways to save money.  One of the top conversations today is whether installing solar in Adelaide you will save money.  Let’s discuss some of the benefits and challenges for making the decision whether to install solar or not , making it easier for you to decide.

Your power bills

Do you cringe every time you get a new power bill?  Your usage charges on your power bill is the cost of the power or electricity that you actually use.  In South Australia, this amount is usually approximately 40 – 50c per kilowatt of electricity consumed.  According to Canstar, a typical 5 person Australian household will consume around 18.8/kilowatts of power per day.  After installing a good solar system and depending on the size of the solar system, you will be paying a lot less per kilowatt for power probably in the region of 6c/kilowatt.

How much power do you use in a day

To work out how much power you use in a day, simply read your meter in the morning and then read the meter again in the evening. Subtract the one number from the other and you will be able to see how many kW’s you use in a day. This is very useful information required by your solar installer to work out the size of the solar system that will suit your household and energy consumption needs.  With the correct size solar system installed, you will be able to stop using power from the grid and paying power bills!

The amount of electricity you use daily can also be found on your electricity bill. A quality solar installer will request to see your latest electricity bill to ensure they recommend the correct size solar system for your household’s energy needs.

Install a battery

Solar storage of the energy produced during the day is also available in the form of a solar storage battery. By installing a solar battery, many households find that they are able to run their home almost entirely off the grid.  The excess power produced daily is fed into the battery instead of being fed back into the grid.  The stored power from the battery is then available for use at night.  Just another good reason why installing solar in Adelaide is a great idea.

Feed in extra power to the grid

Some of the power generated from your solar system may not be used by your home during the day.  Whatever excess power is generated, it will be fed off into the grid and you will get paid for the energy in the form of a credit from your energy retailer.  Typically, the amount in Adelaide ranges from 8c – 16c per kilowatt-hour, depending on the energy retailer.  Good news is that in South Australia the feed in rates are generally better than the other states.

Breaking even

How quickly can your solar system pay for itself?  If the correct solar system is installed for your particular energy requirements and without compromising on quality, the system should pay for itself within 4 years. If you choose to install a cheap solar system, the return on investment may be stunted in the long run because of inefficiency in power production and reliability, so try not to be hoodwinked into installing solar in Adelaide that is a cheap system from an unreliable supplier.   A 5kW system can end up saving you around $50 000 on your power bills, over the lifetime of your solar system.

Small Scale Technology Certificate

The price you pay for a solar system is subsidised by the Australian federal government.  This is an amount of approximately $525/kilowatt  that is reduced on the purchase price of your solar system.  Your installer will organise the Small Scale Technology certificate and do the paperwork for you ensuring that you obtain the benefit of installing solar.


Solar power is worth it!  It is vital that the energy consumption and needs of your home are assessed correctly before installing solar in Adelaide.  Make the use of a reputable installer to size up your system requirements correctly.  Do not compromise on quality and performance, if you go for the cheapest system out there you may be disappointed and not benefit. 

Invest in a problem free system with a strong guarantee, a system that can produce clean energy for many years.  You can be sure to get the best quality Australian made solar system from Cool or Cosy.  With over 35 years experience and the best advice in town, you won’t go wrong – our agents are ready to give you a personalised free quote.

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