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Are you looking into buying solar panels this year? Are you swamped with information?

One of the things that may be coming up is the term “Tier 1 panels”. When people use this term they are implying quality and performance, but this term actually has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

The “Tier 1 panel” ranking is actually a quarterly ranking by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It is just a measure of the manufacturers financial stability. By this, it means that the manufacturer would have had to have supplied product to at least six large scale, bank financed projects over the past two years.

But why do I hear this term all the time?

Using the term “Tier 1 panels” has become a powerful selling tool. By saying this they brush over important information about where the panels were made and what testing they have been through. This information is important to ask about, you only want the best solar on your roof in Adelaide.

Buying Solar Panels – Who has Tier 1 ranking?

Nine out of ten of the worlds largest manufacturers of solar panels are all based in China. All of these manufacturers are considered to have a “Tier 1” ranking.  As a whole these manufacturers produce over half the worlds output. China got to this position swiftly, and is a result of their government’s commitment to developing solar manufacturing into a strategic industry since 2001.

So why trust Tindo Solar Panels?

Tindo Solar developed and tested their Tindo Karra PERC mono-crystalline panels with the participation of the Australian National University in Canberra. Additionally, the manufacturer’s testing ground is perhaps one of the most rigorous in the world, located in Alice Springs at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre, it delivers real-time performance data and proof of durability in temperatures ranging from freezing to in excess of 40ºC.

Tindo Solar rigorously tests every panel. Making sure each test is done in-house so they can be sure that each individual panel has been tested to their standards. Tindo follows a strict regime of testing including electroluminescence and flash testing, as well as a visual inspection. This results in a failure rate that is around 200 times lower than their competitors. Independent testing by consumer advocates Choice, recently named Tindo Solar panels as equal first in a field of 11 of the best known panels.

So, are you convinced?

This focus on quality and local support has led to the industry’s most generous warranties. As well as a standard 25 year performance guarantee. We are so confident with our product that Tindo Solar offers a 25 year product warranty on 295W and 300W Tindo Karra PERC mono-crystalline panels. This warranty is valid when they are purchased direct from Tindo Solar or Cool or Cosy and installed with Solar Analytics Monitoring.

So next time you are being given the spill about “Tier 1 panels” remember Tindo and do your own research before buying solar panels. For more information about Tindo and Cool or Cosy please call us and talk to one of our solar specialists. We offer no obligation quotes and consultations and will put your mind at ease by answering your questions and offering advise. Call us on 8352 5588 today.

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