Home Battery Scheme

About the South Australian Home Battery Scheme

This is Australia’s largest battery subsidy program which is undergoing some changes. The $100 million Home Battery Subsidy Scheme was launched in 2018. The scheme plans to see 40,000 home batteries installed across South Australia. The new changes to the SA Home Battery Scheme were announced in line with the program’s launch, when it was made clear that subsidy levels and the subsidy cap would reduce over a period of time.

What the drop in the Home Battery Scheme means for you

The South Australian Government has announced a decrease in the Home Battery Scheme to become effective on 15 April 2020. The maximum subsidy is dropping from $6000 to $4000, which means that if your order is not in timeously for your battery storage unit, you will effectively lose out on an extra $2000 savings. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have an extra $2000 available to plan my next holiday!
What’s more the subsidy levels are also changing from $500 to $300 per kWh and from $600 to $400 per kWh for energy concession holders.

Why you should have battery storage

With people now spending more time at home due to the Coronavirus CV19, there will be the possibility that your energy consumption goes up. It makes good sense to capture the excess power produced by your solar panels during the day and store it. The sun produced energy can then be used during the day or at night. You will only be paying for the power you use from the grid once the battery is empty and ready to store more power for you. In doing so, you will find that your quarterly energy bills are going to reduce substantially. We have many customers who have stated that their energy bills have reduced to $0 after purchasing and installing battery storage for their solar system.

Safeguard your future electricity bills

At a time when we need to be thinking about economising and reducing our bills as best we can, adding the battery storage will pay for itself from day one of installation. It will help you to economise into the future.
Why worry constantly about whether the aircon is being used, or the kettle is being put on to boil too frequently? Lower your stress levels and let your battery storage work smartly for you.
Electricity prices are always rising, so the less we manage to use power from the grid, the better.  Adding battery storage is the surest way to safeguard yourself against your future energy bills.

Be part of the bigger plan

Join thousands of South Australian households that use their solar panels together with battery storage. You too will be able to look forward to a sustainable, cost-effective energy future.
Think about your future in terms of reducing your electricity bills and saving money. Although we are in a changeable world, some things are still certain like your electricity bills. To obtain your no obligation free quote, please fill in the form below.

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