In Adelaide, over 50% of a household energy budget can be spent on heating and cooling the home. The cost of heating and cooling an uninsulated house will be much higher than in a home that is well insulated. Though some building materials are better at maintaining a stable inside temperature than others. So what is the best roof insulation for your home?

Houses with no insulation can lose up to 35% of their heat through the roof in winter, and gain a similar amount of heat in the summer months. This can add up to a large proportion of energy bills heating and cooling the surrounding environment rather than the areas where people are living.

Ceiling insulation comes in a variety of forms, the most well known being batts and blow in insulation. So what is the best roof insulation for your ceiling?

Different Types of Roof Insulation

Reflective insulation
These insulate by reflecting heat, either back into the house or away from it. They are double-sided, so work in summer or winter, and are generally useful for roofs and walls. Some of the options are metal-based, and therefore may be capable of conducting electricity, making DIY installation unadvisable. The reflectivity can be reduced over time by dust build-up on the reflective surface. They generally work best with sealed air gaps between the reflective surface and the roof or wall outer shell.

Bulk insulation
Bulk insulation can be used for ceilings, floors, and walls, and provides a physical barrier to heat transfer. Effectively they function in much the same way as a blanket, slowing the movement of warm air. In winter, these materials retain warm air inside the house, and in summer they prevent it from getting in. There are a large number of materials that are readily available for bulk insulation.

Cellulose insulation is a form of bulk insulation that is environmentally friendly and will last for years. It is sprayed or blown into the ceiling, conforming to your home and surrounding you and your family with a seamless insulation system.

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