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In Adelaide, solar with battery storage is a great choice for homeowners looking to cut down on expensive electricity bills. Solar batteries store some of your solar generated power produced during the day, which would otherwise have been exported to the grid, for you and your family to be able to use your solar power at night too. If you are thinking about solar power, you might be wondering if batteries would be a solution for you too.

So how does this whole process work?

To understand why you might want to install a solar and battery storage system for your home, it is useful to first see how a solar and battery system works to produce and store solar power.

The typical solar energy system includes solar panels, an inverter (or micro inverters), equipment to mount the panels on your roof, and a solar performance monitoring system that tracks the production of the system. The solar panels collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity, which is passed through the inverter and converted into a form that you can use to power your home.

Most residential solar systems are connected to the electricity grid (or “grid-tied”). When your solar system production exceeds the amount of electricity than your home needs, the excess is fed back into the grid. On the other hand, when your home needs more electricity than your solar system is producing, you can draw electricity from the electric grid.

With energy storage batteries, while power is not being consumed during the day, or surplus power is being generated by your solar system, it is used to charge the battery. You’ll only send electricity back to the grid when your battery is fully charged, and you’ll only draw electricity from the grid when your battery is depleted.

So instead of using electricity from the grid in the evening or on cloudy days, the power comes from the solar stores gained throughout the day. Depending on the size of the battery system and your energy consumption this can operate for sustained periods of time.

Why are solar batteries a good solution for me?

A solar battery system will minimise your electricity use from the grid and therefore cut down on your electricity bills. Like the overall solar system, the upfront price will be recouped over time through the savings on regular bills.

When you install a solar battery as part of your home solar energy system, you can actually store the extra energy your solar panels produce at home instead of feeding it back into the electricity grid. With solar batteries, you maximise your ability to use the electricity generated by your solar panels on a day-to-day basis. During the times when you need more electricity than your solar panels are producing (later in the day or at night time), you can use the solar energy you have stored.

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