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You could save on your energy bills all year-round by checking your ceiling insulation in Adelaide and ensuring it is keeping your home at a consistent temperature. It’s important to note that ceiling spaces are often treacherous to move around in and if you’re not fully aware of the hazards, a professional should be contacted for the inspection.

Did you know that improving your home’s insulation will save you 20% – 50% on the amount spent for your heating and cooling? Half of the energy we use to heat or cool our homes can simply leak out without good quality roof insulation.

When the insulation in your roof is not satisfactory and not covering all the spaces that it needs to, your entire home may suffer as a result. This can cause problems with indoor air quality and temperature, and heat transfer through the roof of your house in Adelaide. There are a few signs that it may be time to replace your old ceiling insulation in Adelaide with new Cellulose ceiling insulation from Cool or Cosy.

Signs it’s time to replace your home’s ceiling insulation in Adelaide:

  • Fluctuating temperatures in your home. If you notice the temperatures inside your home constantly seem to change, it’s often a sign that your ceiling insulation is getting to the end of its life.
  • Higher energy bills than usual. Have you noticed your gas or electric bills creeping up every year (kw usage and not because of price increases)? This usually means that you have poor ceiling insulation. Your heating and cooling systems might be working around the clock to provide adequate temperatures inside your home.
  • Animal infestations. If you’ve noticed the signs of rats or insects in your ceiling, check your insulation immediately. These critters can nest in your insulation and deposit faeces, which may cause health problems.
  • Drafts indoors. Poor insulation can allow drafts to enter your home. If you notice odd breezes even after you shut all the doors and windows, check your crawl space or attic insulation for potential issues.

The most common issue that might be seen during the insulation inspection is discovering that your insulation levels are too low. Generally speaking, loose fill ceiling insulation, such as cellulose, should fully cover your attic joists. Any gaps in insulation that leave your attic joists visible should receive attention. A professional insulation company, such as Cool or Cosy, will be able to help you correct the issue by adding more insulation, or removing and replacing old insulation.

The Benefits of Cellulose Ceiling Insulation in Adelaide

Properly installing good-quality cellulose insulation can save you money on your energy bills, as this is an easy and cost-effective way to keep warm or cold air from exiting your home through your home’s roof.

Cool or Cosy Performance Guaranteed ceiling insulation in Adelaide is installed without gaps, and no gaps means no loss in performance. Our home insulation is manufactured in Adelaide according to strict guidelines, this ensures our product adheres to the Australian Standard, providing our clients with peace of mind and the highest quality possible.

If you need any assistance, Cool or Cosy’s insulation specialists are here to help. You can even schedule a free insulation inspection today. Click here to learn more about our Cellulose insulation that is made right here in Adelaide.

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