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Toilet paper, food and solar panels

As consumers round the world (but let’s focus on South Australia) have emptied the shelves of toilet paper, in particular, flour and many other food products and essential items, it has made many Australians concerned about the future production and supply of many products.*  Although South Australia has large toilet paper manufacturing plants, the supply has just not been able to catch up with the demand as yet. We find ourselves holding our breath and praying to higher powers that the continuation and restocking of our shelves of toilet paper and food items will soon be restored.

Solar panels produced in China

According to an article by GlobalData Energy, the Coronavirus outbreak has affected China’s renewable power sector, particularly the production of solar panels. The Coronavirus outbreak is expected to affect the overall supply chain and solar installations globally, affecting supply to the US and other countries such as India and Australia, who are heavily dependent on Chinese raw materials and components. While China is beginning to get back to work at a slow pace after the outbreak, many factories have not yet started operating at a full capacity due to shortage of staff and raw materials.** Prices of Chinese produced solar panels are also expected to increase due to the exchange rate changes.

Cool or Cosy has stock of solar panels

This is where our success story unfolds…  Cool or Cosy has been installing solar systems in South Australia for over 35 years and are proud to be using the Australian made solar panels produced by Tindo Solar.  Tindo Solar has produced and stored enough panels to keep up with the current solar panel demands. Therefore, unlike some solar installers, our consistency continues as normal with the supply and installation of Tindo Solar panels.  

Tindo Karra Solar Panels

Tindo Solar panels are proudly made in Australia and are created to suit the Australian climate conditions. The Tindo Karra solar panels offer you a minimum of 25 years of long-term high performance thanks to Tindo Solar’s premium quality. Tindo’s performance has undisputedly outperformed our competition on durability at the hence we want “Australian Made” to stand for something! The Tindo Solar panels are mounted and perform everyday at the Desert Knowledge Testing Centre in Alice Springs. The Karra series panels are consistently one of the highest performing panels at the centre. 

Demand for solar panels is increasing

The demand for installing residential solar panels has increased, due to the fact that more and more people are working and spending extra time at home. Therefore, the demand for solar panels has increased and production is now ever important. By installing solar panels, you are able to capture energy produced by the sun which is then converted into electricity to be used in your home. Many more companies and commercial properties are installing solar power to reduce their energy bills and increase their profitability.

Take control of your energy bills

Everyone is looking at ways to save dollars. Solar energy is a way to help you conserve energy and lower your electricity consumption and bills. Many South Australians have installed their solar energy systems by Cool or Cosy and are enjoying the benefits of lower energy bills. Now is a good time to join the movement to change to solar power and make use of the wonderful sunshine to generate electricity for all of us.

To enable you to install a solar system now, we have financial plans suited to your needs which require $0 deposit. We are happy to talk with you about how you can join over 2 million other Australians who have already installed solar panel systems.


Ref:  *Article on Domain by Sue Williams 2 April 2020

Ref: **Article by GlobalData Energy 17 March 2020

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