solar battery storage

Add solar battery storage to your existing system

Over 2 million Australians have installed solar panels to generate solar power for their homes or business. Following the trend to conserve power and lower your electricity bills even further, adding battery storage to your existing solar system is the next step to take.  Adding a battery to your solar system is a way to use more of the solar power your system generates.  

Why would you invest in solar battery storage?

Maximise your savings by adding battery storage to your solar system.  As people are spending more time at home now due to the current conditions, the household energy consumption will possibly be on the increase.  If most of your electricity is used in the morning and evening, not during the day, a battery can help reduce your electricity bills even more.  Capture the excess power produced by your solar panels during the day and store it.  The sun produced energy can then be used during the day or at night.  You will only be paying for the power you use from the grid once the battery is empty and ready to store more power for you.  

Reduce your electricity bills with the installation of solar battery storage

Cool or Cosy have many customers who have stated that their energy bills have reduced to $0 after purchasing and installing solar battery storage added to their solar system.  At a time when we need to be thinking about economising and reducing our bills as best we can, adding the solar battery storage will pay for itself from day one of installation.  It will help you to economise into the future.

SA Government Home Battery Scheme is still available

Purchasing a battery to complement your solar system and storing the excess power produced is a feature not to be missed out on.  Solar owners are still able to make use of the excellent South Australian Government Home Battery Scheme subsidy of $4000, as well as power plans to cut the price of purchase and future energy bills.

Help with your finance is easy

Applying for finance from Cool or Cosy for your new solar battery storage couldn’t be easier.  No deposit is required and therefore your cash flow is protected.  We offer financing with flexible terms, depending on your specific needs and the application process is quick and easy.  The sooner you install solar battery storage, the more you will start saving by cutting your electricity bills.  

Who to trust when choosing solar battery storage 

Choose a company you can trust to guide you through the selection and purchase of solar battery storage that will suit your needs and daily power consumption usage.  A company that is an approved South Australian Government Home Battery Scheme Qualified System Provider and who is also registered with the Clean Energy Council would be advisable. 

Buy once, buy well

When making an investment in solar storage batteries, ensure that you are investing in the best available.  Solar powered battery storage will enable you to maintain your lifestyle on your renewable energy system, without using more power from the grid.  In order to make a significant ecological and economic difference with solar panels and the use of solar generated power,  solar battery storage is indispensable. 

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